Top 10 Hot Jobs for Korean Bilinguals in the Philippines

Are you a fan of K-Pop, K-Dramas and the Korean culture as a whole? Do you want to enjoy all the above even without leaving the Philippines? And do you want to do this while earning a range of P80,000 to P200,000 for being employed? If your answers are all yes, read on, we got a lot of surprises made just for you brought about by the career opportunities we have listed below: 

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10. Korean Interpreter. Are you a Filipino and is looking for career improvement? This role calls out for you and isn’t requiring someone with an educational background.  Be a Korean interpreter and be hired in two easy steps as detailed out in this link:

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9. Korean Customer Service Representative. Earn up to P100,00 while having the feel of being in Korea by speaking with Korean nationals. What are you waiting for? This job is for you! Check out this link on how to apply:

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8. Korean Data Analyst. Have the chance to work in an international mass media company while flaunting your language skill and learning more about the Korean culture. On top of this, earn as much as Php50,000 up to Php75,000 with an annual salary bonus, clothing allowance, and leave credits. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to check the complete details of the role in this link:

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7. Korean Collections Analyst. Free processing of working visa, Health insurance, and Leave Credits with an allowance; you can get all these. Plus a big privilege of working with the top global logistics company in the Philippines headquartered in the USA. The complete details of the role are all indicated in this link:

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6. Korean Team Leader. Earn Php 100,000 up to Php 120,000 plus medical and dental assistance, processing of working visa and life insurance benefits with the opportunity of working closely with Korean nationals and their culture.

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Be a team leader today by knowing more and applying in this link:

5. Korean HR Administrator. Are you into human-relations mixed with a bit of an office role? Then, this job is for you! Earn up to Php80,000 and be a part of the Largest multinational food processing company in the world.

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They are looking for you so let them know your presence by clicking this link to start.

4. Korean Social Media Representative. Be part of a global BPO company specialized in providing integrated services and solutions to companies worldwide.

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If you can manage, monitor, and handle social media platforms,  give this role a shot and earn up to Php70,000 to Php 85,000 plus OT and Holiday pay. Send us your resume after checking and knowing the details of the job in this link:

3. Korean Airline Customer Representative. Do you want to be a part of one of the largest service providers in the aviation services? By being in this role, you’ll have all the luxury to work closely with Korean Nationals on top of your monthly salary which can reach up to Php 95,000 plus free shuttle service and relocation assistance.

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Find out the complete details of the job in this link:

2. Korean Client Service Executive. Enjoy the Korean culture and be exposed to a worldwide way of living. Earn as much as Php80,000 up to Php120,000 plus free meals, accommodation and free working visa for Native Korean nationals as well. We provided the complete details for you in this link: .

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1. Korean Customer Relations Officer. Free Accommodation, Meals, Working Visa, Health / Medical Insurance; you can get all these when you got hired for this role. On top of these, earn a salary as much as Php120,000 and have the chance to improve your knowledge and background of Korean Language and Culture. 

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You can check out the complete details on this link:

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg. Opportunities for Korean speakers in the Philippines are still booming in a quick phase. In fact, should you need to see more roles like this, we have them sorted out in this link:  

Happy job and passion-hunting!



Author: J-K Network Services

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