This is Why you should Learn Korean and Why you should Start Now.

If KPOP, Kdrama and Korean Beef Barbecue can’t get you to learn Korean perhaps the points in this list will.

Have you just heard what’s playing on the morning’s radio program? We bet you can’t understand the lyrics but you jive to the beat nonetheless.

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Have you just seen that giant mall poster of a tall, black-haired man with plump lips and dark eyes? We bet you know it’s Park Seo Joon.

Here's our BENCH Oppas and Unnies through the years! - Annyeong Oppa

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Then include the clothing style of your friend, the TV show your mom’s watching, the food your sister likes to the beauty regimen you wanted to try out—claim it or not, everywhere you look or anywhere you go, the traces of Korean culture follows you.

Mouth-Watering South Korean Food You HAVE TO Try | Travel.Earth

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Indeed it’s a whole lot intriguing to delve deeper into this revolution and understand the trend deeper by learning the Language. And if all these aren’t enough, stay until the end of this article and see more reasons why you should study the language and why you have to do it now.

Availability of Education Opportunities. If you’re planning to have an international degree in your chosen field, a lot of opportunities for Exchange student programs are offered for qualified candidates bound to Korea. And whether you like it or not, the basic requirement is a certain level of Korean proficiency. You can check this video to see more information about studying in Korea as a Filipino exchange.

Woman Holding Microphone Standing in Front of Crowd

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Availability of Career Opportunities. Thousand international companies who have branched out in the Philippines are catering to the growing Korean market. With such the demand for Korean-speaking talents rises. In this website alone, about 83 job positions for Korean are available:

Ethnic colleagues working on project in modern office

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The rise of these demands didn’t seem to slow down. As monthly, about 10 to 15 job positions for Korean speakers are recorded and more are coming in as the days go by.

Availability of Learning Resource. As the Korean Wave doesn’t seem to slow down, a lot of contents on the internet, a lot of free classes in Universities and a lot of Language schools are offering different ways in learning Korean. And if it’s in your bucket list to learn a Language or two, Korean is undeniably the most convenient option to pick.

Young lady using laptop at table in modern workspace

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Medium to Widen Connections. Speaking another language is a great way to connect with people of the same tongue. And if you plan to make more friends, especially of Korean race, then this is the best time to start your learning.

Photo of Women Sitting on Grass

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Basics for Travelling. Almost everybody wanted to visit Korea? Perhaps have a peek of its historical temples, or take a stroll in the midst of Nami Island’s Korean Pine Tree-laden paths, or have a grab of your favorite Exo Merchandise in SM Coex Artium. Either way, this isn’t just a distant dream nowadays as countless travel companies offer really affordable tour fees. But before you book your flight or plan your itinerary, it’s recommended to first know at least the basic of the language to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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How is it? Are you now more eager to start your learning or is now more motivated to continue your pace? Then there’s a lot who’s rooting for you.

Keep it up and just push forward until you won’t need subtitles for your Korean movies and shows, your idol’s music video or the instructions on how to cook your ramen, Korean-style.


Top 10 Hot Job Openings for July 2020

The Philippine’s Labor Department estimates around 10,000,000 to lose their jobs by the end of this year. And if you’re out job-hunting, you’ll surely be burdened by this news. Rest easy. There still is hope. We have gathered here the hottest available jobs in July 2020 across languages, positions, career levels, location in the country and salary ranges. So sit tight and share this with your friends to spread positivity!

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10. Drug Data Product Manager. While some industries have suffered retrenchment, the same number are beginning to boom—–starting to be in need of talents. One of these developing fields is in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies. In this role, be exposed to the management of medicine supply and databases for an International company in Quezon City. Check this link for the complete job details:

Woman Discussing A LessonImage source:

9. Contract Logistics Business Development Assistant Manager.  Be part of a Global Logistics Company and earn as much as P40,000 as a Business Development Assistant Manager. You can get hired without any language skill on top of English and Filipino for this role. See the full requirements:

Men Working in a WarehouseImage source:

8. IOS Developer. Got the tech skills? Then this one’s for you. On top of the monthly pay reaching as much as P60,000, you can also enjoy generous benefits such as miscellaneous allowance medical benefits and the list goes on in this list. Check them out for yourself!

Photo Of Man Using ComputerImage source:

7. Team Leader. Be hired as a Team Manager for a BPO company in Ilo-Ilo City and earn as much as P45,000. See how to apply in this link:

Man and Woman Near TableImage source:

6.  French Product Support Expert. Get you and your squad be hired for this role and earn as much as P90,000. The company is in need of 6 heads for this position. Check how you can qualify through this link:

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5. Korean Data Analyst.  Work for one of the biggest International BPO companies in Makati City as a Korean Data Analyst and earn as much as P70,000. Get Retirement and Savings Plan, HMO on Day One and Leave Credits on top of your monthly pay. See the complete details, benefits and your job role in this link:

woman sitting beside table using laptopImage source:

4. Mandarin Accounts Payable Specialist. A long list of benefits is waiting for you once you get hired for this role. On top of it, you can even have the chance to work for the World’s leading Manufacturer of International Tobacco products. Check this link for the full requirements and the luxurious benefits offered:

person holding paper near pen and calculatorImage source:

3. Mandarin Fraud Investigation Specialist. Work from the safety of your homes once you get hired for this position. Earn as much as P90,000 and be a part of the World’s biggest online shopping platform. Check out the full details:

woman placing sticky notes on wallImage source:

2. Japanese Data Entry Associate.  Get access to Health insurance, Government-mandated benefits, Dental Allowance, Sports (e.g. Gym) Allowance, Medical Allowance, Transportation allowance and more for this role. Also earn as much as P85,000 once you get considered for this role. We have consolidated in this link the full requirements and job details:

group of people using laptop computerImage source:

1. Japanese Manufacturing Manager. Stay and work in the Philippines as a Japanese manager for an international Metal Coating Manufacturer in Laguna. Earn as much as P150,000 and plus rent allowances and more. See how you can be considered for the role through this full list of job details:

person using laptop on white wooden tableImage source:

See? This isn’t the time to lose hope. On top of these jobs, we still have more in this list for your checking:

There’s more in store for you in the future. Just keep up the faith and move forward!

10 Hot Job Openings in The Philippines for June 2020

Did you know? Despite the rapidly increasing adverse effects of COVID-19 to all sectors of society, hundreds more of career opportunities are available in the Philippines. For your convenience, we have gathered here the hottest jobs across languages, positions, career levels and locations. Don’t hesitate to scroll down!

woman in white shirt wearing white mask holding iphoneImage Source:

10. Back End Software Engineer. You can earn as much as P75,000 when you get hired for this role. On top of this, you’ll also have the chance to work for an international financial company which provides investment services to people, businesses and groups all over the world. While language skill is not required for this position, the qualifications in this link are necessary for you to be considered:

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9.Associate Software Technical Analyst. Get access to performance bonuses and incentives, Health insurance and medical assistance (plus more on this link: when you made it for this role.  An international Accounting/Finance company is waiting for you! Don’t hesitate to check the skill requirements in this list and see if you have what it takes:

man drinking coffee in front of the laptop computerImage Source:

8. HR Manager.  Transportation Allowance, Quarterly Performance Bonus, Vacation Leave, Annual Merit Increase, and Relocation Package are only some of the benefits you can receive on top of a P50,000-salary for this role. Don’t hesitate to see what the position requires in this link:

people meeting in roomImage Source:

7. HR Director. Good news! You can earn as much as P320,000 monthly even without any language skills when you get hired as an HR Director for an International Consulting company in Taguig. Send us a copy of your resume after checking the qualifications right in this list:

man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computersImage Source:

6. Vietnamese Fraud Analyst.  Be hired for one of the largest electronic and cloud service providers employing over 200, 000 people in the US and over 560, 000 in different parts of the world. Enjoy Commuter Benefits,  HMO,  15-day sick leave,  15-day-vacation leave,  Internal Mobility,  Performance bonus and Visa processing on top of a highly negotiable salary. We have compiled the full job details on this link for your reference:

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5. Korean Data Analyst. Work in a dayshift, weekends off set up for this role. You can also enjoy an all basic-pay salary of P70,000. We have listed the full benefits and qualifications on this link for your convenience:

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4. Mandarin Service Desk. Have the luxury to work for a Software Provider firm in the Philippines and earn as much as P120,000 monthly. Get the job in 3 easy processes and start the soonest. See the full details in this list:

two women smiling in front of computer monitorImage Source:

3. Mandarin Software Engineer. Should you be keeping a Mandarin language skill and a bit of Cantonese with you, you already have the chance to be considered once you also qualify for these requirements:

man using a gray laptop computerImage Source:

Earn as much as P250,000 and work in Makati City for an international Software company.

2. Japanese Assistant Project Coordinator.  Get hired for this role and enjoy Free Visa Processing, HMO benefits, Leave Credits and a salary of as much as P80,000 with a Non-taxable language premium. We have compiled the requirements in this link:

two men and four women meeting in officeImage Source:

1. Japanese Senior Operations Analyst.  You will be entitled to a 14th-month pay, a salary of up to P100,000 and more when you get hired for this position. Work for an International Investment bank in BGC, Taguig and do so much more with your language and skills. Don’t hesitate to check out the full job details on this link:

man and women gathered around a tableImage Source:

If you’re still up for more, we have compiled every known position across all languages, career levels, industries, locations and salary ranges in this list. Always feel free to scroll through over 700 available roles:

Now, the only thing left to be done is never waste your chance to move back up and be one with the society’s new normal as brought about by this Pandemic. Let’s stay strong together!



5 Things to Know About Bilingual Recruiting during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, every bit of the society has experienced some major setbacks. Despite these, we know you have nothing but hope and willpower to get back up and find the best talents for your team. For a short guide on your Bilingual recruiting during this pandemic, we have gathered here some insights and market facts regarding talent preferences, background and profiles for your quick guide. Scroll on.

Business People Wearing Face Masks and TalkingImage Source:

5. There are still a lot of Bilinguals job seekers despite the pandemic. Due to closure of many accounts, language skilled talents who have been employed are now out for job-hunting. Non-native Bilinguals also had the time to sharpen their language skills increasing the number of qualified candidates who need not any working VISA at all. The ever-extending quarantine had also paved ways for Bilinguals to reassess their options hence have led them to start looking into new industries and career opportunities.

Man Wearing Face MaskImage Source:

4. Native Speakers are looking for jobs in the Philippines. Despite the closure of airports and the halt in international and domestic travels, there still is a number of Native Language speakers who are in the Philippines. They are out looking for better career options and will be readily available for relocation once travel bans, especially in Metro Manila, had been lifted.

Woman Sitting on LuggageImage Source:

3. Candidate’s preference for Online interviews. Most job seekers are staying at home  for safety precautions against COVID-19. Due to this, more candidates are always available for online interviews and assessments. Other companies and industries have also resorted to such, not only setting up a convenient meeting place for both parties but also strengthening safety and precautionary measures against the spread of the disease.

Person Talking Classes OnlineImage Source:

2. Candidate’s preference for Work-from-home set-up.  According to the recent reports completed by the Philippines top Job-Posting site, job seekers are more attracted to opportunities which offer a Work From home set up. Hence, when hiring companies are offering this, there’s a huge chance that their requirements can gain more clicks from more users. Hiring companies can then widen their pool of qualified candidates. In the long run, this will not only provide recruiters with more profile choices but can also assure safety of not only the candidates but the company’s every employee as well.

Woman Writing On Notebook With Laptop By Her SideImage Source:

1. Candidate’s availability to start working. While the majority of job seekers are looking into starting to work immediately, all prioritize their safety more. Most of the language-skilled job seekers aren’t expecting to start until past a few weeks after the community lockdown. Otherwise, if a company provides a Work-from-Home working arrangement and the tools necessary, candidates will be more than willing to apply.

Person Having a Video CallImage Source:

The list is only a preview of some changes that you can expect while recruiting during this Pandemic. Better yet, know more about the market and how your team can save time and effort in getting to the right and perfect talents. Check us out here:

5 Things to Expect while Job-Hunting After the Lockdown

As the community lockdown sees its end, you probably will be out at once for varying reasons—see friends, replenish stocks, go to work or look for jobs. Either way, you should bear in mind that a lot of things has changed and you should prepare yourself for the new normal. To give you an idea on things you can expect after the community quarantine, we have consolidated here some points you can refer on.

People Walking on Pedestrian Laneimage source:

5. Crowded Roads and Heavy Traffic. If you decided to go out today, you are not alone. There are countless others who have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to be able to go out. Expect that you won’t have the freedom to move around. With such, you should bring a lot of self-awareness with you on top of your face mask for the new type of essential. 

People Walking Near High Rise Buildingsimage source:

4. Lack of Available Public Transportation. Despite the government lifting the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, the public transport system isn’t still fully operational, especially in Metro Manila. So if you have an interview scheduled during the day and you don’t have your own vehicle, make sure to allot an extra time for you to not be late fighting over a taxi.

A Woman Catching A Busimage source:

3. Continuous Shortage of Basic Commodities. You might be thinking that after all these months of waiting, you can now freely shop for your favorite bath soap out of grocery shelves or get as many packs of instant noodles as your cart can carry. We’re telling you this, not yet. It will take more than a few months for manufacturing companies to be fully operational and supply their products all over the country. But at least, it’s not hopeless. You just have to stay patient. 

Photo Of Woman Pushing Cartimage source:

2. Continuous Threat of being Infected. The government, the medical experts and the health department might have already advised everyone that going out is not that dangerous anymore, but still be cautious. The threat of other people still carrying the virus and infecting you with it is still high so make sure to be aware of the surfaces you touch and the object you hold. It’s highly advisable if you can also find yourself a mask and a spare sanitizer bottle before going out.

People Standing on Sidewalkimage source:

1.Change of Workload and Demands for Talents. As industries left and right have been affected by the pandemic, expect that some companies have ceased further recruitment, some have increased their hiring ramps. What you can do to be well-informed is always make your own research. In this list, over 600 jobs are still available for Bilinguals and even Filipino and IT executive:

Woman Having Video Callimage source:

If you feel like you’re still missing out, you can seek assistance from head-hunting companies who have a huge network of job openings, even those which are not posted in public sites by huge companies. Check out this list for one head-hunting firm, boasting hundreds of jobs:

Meanwhile, if you’re going back to work, expect that your workload have increased due to the piled-up tasks and deadlines you missed during the community quarantine.

Young couple in medical masks using sanitizer gel against urban building facadeimage source:

The list above is just a few of the many things you can expect once you can finally go out. Either way, no matter how things may change, just remember that you only got yourself to be safe.

10 Hot Job Openings for Bilinguals in May 2020

With the ever-extending community quarantine, you certainly have a lot of thoughts about what’s waiting for you after the lockdown. Most of your thinking must be about your career, considering the economic fluctuations the country’s facing right now.

Man Lying Down Holding His Mobile PhoneImage Source:

Well, have a short scroll and see below our hottest list of available career opportunities across all languages, locations and positions amidst this pandemic. Should you want to see more, the complete list is right here:

10. Japanese IT Programmer. Looking for a job? Then if you have a Java background and is at least N3 Japanese proficient, you’re in the right place. Earn as much as P250,000 and enjoy jaw-dropping benefits when you got hired as a Japanese IT Programmer for a prominent IT company in Manila. Check out the full requirements in this link :

Man Using His Smartphone On Video CallImage Source:

9.Japanese Aircon Sales Expert. Boost your pay with the generous incentive program in this International Airconditioning company. Be hired as a Japanese speaking Aircon Sales Expert and enjoy numerous benefits and a highly negotiable pay. Language Certificate isn’t a requirement at all. The rest of the requirements are listed here:

8.Mandarin Proofreader. Are you expecting a high pay backed up with other allowances in a job? Then, you’ll have all that when you got hired as a Mandarin Proofreader for an Australian BPO company in its Ortigas site. You can earn as much as P95,000, allowances and leave credits. Know if you got what it takes for the role right here:

Woman Holding Paint BrushImage Source:

7.Mandarin IT Team Leader. If you’re not in a hurry to find jobs but would like an opportunity right after the community lockdown, this position is your best shot. Be a part of the world’s leading management and consulting company in Taguig and earn as much as P150,000. Send us a copy of your resume after checking the list of requirements and job description in this link:

Man Teaching Woman in Front of MonitorImage Source:

6.Korean Accounts Receivable Analyst. Get the job without leaving your home if you apply for this role. This Multinational Pharmaceutical Company conducts their interviews and assessments online. On top of this convenience, you can earn as much as P120,000, Free VISA processing, Free Shuttle, HMO with dependents and more listed in this link:

Photo Of People Talking To Each OtherImage Source:

5.Korean Medical Translator. You can earn as much as P120,000, Medical Assistance, Insurance and more when you got hired in this US-founded BPO company. You can also expect online interviews all throughout the recruitment process and a dayshift schedule once you started. Have a look at the complete job details in this link:

Photo of Two People Using Their GadgetsImage Source:

4.Spanish Software Helpdesk Consultant. Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Transportation and Miscellaneous allowances and more, plus a pay of as much as P80,000 are packaged in what you can receive if you got hired in this position. See if the nature of the job fits your style and preferences, right here:

Person Writing on NotebookImage Source:

3. French Technical Support Analyst. It isn’t too late to check out what are the other benefits you can get on top of your P80,000-pay when you got hired as a French Technical Support for a Global IT Company in Taguig. See the complete list of benefits here:

Laughing businesswoman working in office with laptopImage Source:

2. Source to Pay Invoice Processor Expert. Don’t have any foreign language skill? No worries. We also have something for you. Be a part of a renowned Pharmaceutical Shared Services Company in the world and earn as much as P50,000 plus a lucrative Insurance benefits when you got hired for this position. For the complete job details, check out this list:

Woman in Black and White Striped Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Tablet ComputerImage Source:

1.HR Supervisor. Concluding this list is another role for Filipino executives. Work in a dayshift schedule as an HR Manager in the Philippines top Automotive Insurance company in Quezon City. Check the full requirements right here:

Mother Talking on the Phone While Taking Care of Her ChildrenImage Source:

This is only a preview of all the career opportunities waiting for you amidst the Global Pandemic. No matter what happens, never stop to keep looking and continue trying while not losing hope. Be safe always!

10 Available Jobs Amidst the Enhanced Community Quarantine

Staying two months locked up at home, with nothing but news of increasing virus-infected tolls, rising death counts and dropping worldwide economies, will surely make anyone think that the world had indeed stopped.

Photo of Woman Lying on Bed While Using LaptopImage Source:

Worry not, there might be some changes but thousand things are still waiting for you, most of which, are career opportunities. We have listed the hottest job openings that we have, some of which offer Work-From-Home Set up. Scroll on and don’t hesitate to share this list and spread hope.

10. Data Analyst. Are you a Fresh graduate and the quarantine set up is getting in the way of your first job-hunting? Worry not, check the complete list of requirements for this role right here:

Woman Working At Home With Her LaptopImage Source:

Get to enjoy your first job, whenever, wherever.

9. Japanese Speaking Supervisor. Be hired and work from home while earning up to P75,000. Despite the Enhanced Community Quarantine, you can undergo interviews and assessments and be closer to signing an offer without leaving the safety of your homes. Check out the complete details of the job here:

Woman in Black Blouse Sitting in Front of Silver LaptopImage Source:

8. Japanese Layout Artist. Enjoy full health insurance benefits, dayshift schedules, Leave packages and more while working with one of the World’s biggest Accounting Firm. Start with a salary package up to P90,000. The complete recruitment process, job description and requirements are listed here:

Man Sitting Down and Using His LaptopImage Source:

7.Japanese Email & Chat Support. The list is just getting started. Earn up to P90,000 even without any relevant experience when you got hired for this role. Check out this link for the full details:

Photo Of Woman Sitting Near Wooden DoorsImage Source:

6.Japanese VIP Concierge. Can’t go out? No worries, This job is a work-from-home role where you can earn as much as P60,000 NET for your monthly salary. Check out all the details right here:

Woman in Grey Jacket Sits on Bed Uses Grey LaptopImage Source:

5. Mandarin Team Leader. Work for one of the biggest IT companies in the world with a Philippine headquarters in Quezon City.  Enjoy a monthly salary of as much as P110,000. The role is open even for undergraduates so check out the rest of the requirements here and know if you have what it takes:


laptop typing womanImage

4.Mandarin Sr. Web Production Specialist. Not only can you enjoy a starting pay of P105,000 a month but will also have access to non-taxable allowances. Listed here are the rest of the benefits offered if you got hired:

Photo Of Man Using Laptop Image Source:

3.Mandarin HR Specialist. Tired of working at shifting schedules? This role offers you dayshift and weekends-off arrangements. Have the chance to work for the world’s biggest online shopping platform and earn a range of P70,000 to P90,000. The complete list of the job description is indicated here:

Woman in Gray Shirt Sitting on BedImage Source:

2.Mandarin Service Desk. Do you have at least 6 months experience in BPO? Then perhaps this job opportunity is made for you. Earn a negotiable monthly salary of P100,000 and be an important support for technology users all over the world. This link lists the complete job details:

Woman Using LaptopImage Source:

1.Mandarin Medical Tech Representative. Take pride in working for an American Healthcare Company and Earn an All-basic pay of P100,000 as a Medical Representative. The role offers a long list of additional benefits right here:


Photo of Man and Woman Holding Their ChildImage Source:

The above are only samples of jobs available for you while you are keeping yourself safe by staying at home. Whatever happens, always remember that no matter how dark the night may be, the sun will rise again.

Top 10 Hot Jobs for Korean Bilinguals in the Philippines

Are you a fan of K-Pop, K-Dramas and the Korean culture as a whole? Do you want to enjoy all the above even without leaving the Philippines? And do you want to do this while earning a range of P80,000 to P200,000 for being employed? If your answers are all yes, read on, we got a lot of surprises made just for you brought about by the career opportunities we have listed below: 

Man and Woman Sitting at TableImage Source:

10. Korean Interpreter. Are you a Filipino and is looking for career improvement? This role calls out for you and isn’t requiring someone with an educational background.  Be a Korean interpreter and be hired in two easy steps as detailed out in this link:

Two Women Looking And Pointing At Macbook LaptopImage Source:

9. Korean Customer Service Representative. Earn up to P100,00 while having the feel of being in Korea by speaking with Korean nationals. What are you waiting for? This job is for you! Check out this link on how to apply:

Three Woman Sitting on White Chair in Front of TableImage Source:

8. Korean Data Analyst. Have the chance to work in an international mass media company while flaunting your language skill and learning more about the Korean culture. On top of this, earn as much as Php50,000 up to Php75,000 with an annual salary bonus, clothing allowance, and leave credits. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to check the complete details of the role in this link:

Person Holding Gray Pen Sitting Near LaptopImage Source:

7. Korean Collections Analyst. Free processing of working visa, Health insurance, and Leave Credits with an allowance; you can get all these. Plus a big privilege of working with the top global logistics company in the Philippines headquartered in the USA. The complete details of the role are all indicated in this link:

Employees Discussing A Work PlanImage Source:

6. Korean Team Leader. Earn Php 100,000 up to Php 120,000 plus medical and dental assistance, processing of working visa and life insurance benefits with the opportunity of working closely with Korean nationals and their culture.

People Working in front of ComputerImage Source:

Be a team leader today by knowing more and applying in this link:

5. Korean HR Administrator. Are you into human-relations mixed with a bit of an office role? Then, this job is for you! Earn up to Php80,000 and be a part of the Largest multinational food processing company in the world.

Woman Wearing White Top Sitting Near Table With PeopleImage Source:

They are looking for you so let them know your presence by clicking this link to start.

4. Korean Social Media Representative. Be part of a global BPO company specialized in providing integrated services and solutions to companies worldwide.

Happy Woman Image Source:

If you can manage, monitor, and handle social media platforms,  give this role a shot and earn up to Php70,000 to Php 85,000 plus OT and Holiday pay. Send us your resume after checking and knowing the details of the job in this link:

3. Korean Airline Customer Representative. Do you want to be a part of one of the largest service providers in the aviation services? By being in this role, you’ll have all the luxury to work closely with Korean Nationals on top of your monthly salary which can reach up to Php 95,000 plus free shuttle service and relocation assistance.

Photo Of Woman Wearing Black EyeglassesImage Source:

Find out the complete details of the job in this link:

2. Korean Client Service Executive. Enjoy the Korean culture and be exposed to a worldwide way of living. Earn as much as Php80,000 up to Php120,000 plus free meals, accommodation and free working visa for Native Korean nationals as well. We provided the complete details for you in this link: .

Woman, Person, Business, Professional, Female, WorkImage Source:

1. Korean Customer Relations Officer. Free Accommodation, Meals, Working Visa, Health / Medical Insurance; you can get all these when you got hired for this role. On top of these, earn a salary as much as Php120,000 and have the chance to improve your knowledge and background of Korean Language and Culture. 

Asian, Japanese, Girl, Woman, Pretty, Cute, Face, SmileImage Source:

You can check out the complete details on this link:

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg. Opportunities for Korean speakers in the Philippines are still booming in a quick phase. In fact, should you need to see more roles like this, we have them sorted out in this link:  

Happy job and passion-hunting!


The Biggest Thing and Yet Unseen

In celebration of J-K’s 7th Anniversary, we went out of our way to touch lives. And what we got in return are realizations that the most important things are those yet unseen.

Friday nights at J-K often ended late. Still, for the staffs, this was nothing even when a heavy rain blessed their way home, because at dawn the following day, they would have to start a life-changing deed most of them hadn’t experienced before.

J-K Staffs gathered in the office lobby at 5:00 AM

The cold dawn hadn’t stopped the staffs from waking up earlier on a weekend. They gathered in the office lobby, prepared the materials they’d all need and boarded the three separate vans which would take them to the Norzagaray mountains where a Filipino local tribe was waiting for their surprises.

The squad is ready 🙂

After two hours of drive, the whole team arrived at the area where the roads were already too narrow and slippery that the rest of the way to the community could only be accessed by foot.

The team having a short orientation before the hike up starts

Everybody gathered for a short orientation and guidelines before the hike (to the community) started.

The squad arrived with still a high dosage of energy

Not long after, the hike started.

The staffs each took their piece of luggage in their walk; from water gallons, to sacks of rice to boxes of hygiene materials to food containers, everybody had been such a great help .

The road was highly passable. Yet the rain, the night before made it hard to take a step ahead of the other, through the muddy and caky ground. Not long after, the community sitting amidst jungles, caves and mountains greeted the whole team.

A tiny signage marking the tribe’s territory was the sign the team had already reached the community.

Despite the muddy ground, the hopeful kids welcomed everybody. Their hopeful eyes and smiles were unparalleled by any city lights the team was so used to seeing in the Metro.

A full list of activities was prepared for the kids and for the whole tribe as well. To facilitate these activities, the J-K staffs were grouped into three who’d each focus on Games, Gardening and Food Preparation.

The first set of games had started.

The kids were all cooperative in the games prepared.

In exchange of chocolates, biscuits and candies, the children’s riddles, poems, vocabulary and motor skills were tested.

While the games were unfolding, the team handling the food preparation was busy cooking the mixed delicacies prepared for the community.

The J-K squad handling the food preparation

As the lunch banquet was getting filled with food, the group in charge of gardening were already busy covering their planted seeds with soil.

The seedlings under the ground, may not look much for now. Yet in a few week’s time, the team’s hoping that their climb would bring forth something fruitful for the community.

The team left the gardening area satisfied and hopeful that a few minutes of their time spent with the soil and the grass, would someday equate to a healthy, heartful meal among the tribes.

Soon enough, every body climbed down the mountain where the whole community, together with the other J-K staffs were waiting for a bountiful meal.

After a prayer of thanks, everybody started to dig in.

The rest of the day went by with the Dumagat folks guiding the staffs to the renowned hidden jewels of their community.

Boasting a few hundred feet above ground, the Dumagat Tribe’s mountain peak offers a stunning view of the Sierra Madre ranges of criscrossing rivers and healthy, untouched lush.

In celebration of their 7th Anniversary, J-K Network had gone out of their way to give back to the community. In the end, they have received so much more with the joy, the hope and the satisfaction they have seen in every folk’s eyes.


10 Hot Jobs for Japanese Bilinguals to start the Decade

It’s 2020.

Not just another year starts to unfold but we’re actually facing a start of another decade. This is definitely the perfect reason to keep reading on. This article will bless you of only the best opportunities we know you’re on the lookout for. 

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Read on and be blessed by this month’s Top Hot Jobs for Japanese Bilinguals in the Philippines. 

  1. Japanese Airline Account Associate. 

If you’re into travel, is extra keen to details and is keeping some Japanese language proficiency down your pockets, today is the best time to put all these together and still be paid. 

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Earn as much as PHP80,000 and work for the biggest German company in the Philippines. Check out this link for more information:


    9. Japanese Speaking Helpdesk for Online Banking

Good news! You can experience working in the banking industry online. Get access to Paid Holiday and Vacation Leaves, Life Insurance and Health and Fitness Club on top of your monthly salary which can amount to as much as P84,000. 

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Don’t waste any second, click on this link for the complete details on how to apply:


  1. Japanese Senior Designer

Are you into the design, planning, and language? Then why not claim this career opportunity right away? Get paid at P50,000 to P90,000 a month plus a long list of leave and health benefits as a Japanese Senior Designer. Check out the full details on this link and take a step closer to working in the world’s biggest Accounting firm which branched out in the Philippines.  (

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  1. Japanese Service Desk

We know you deserve something big thus we have proudly included this role in the list. Be the link between the support and systems staff of the No. 1 BPO/Consulting company in the world and have a chance to earn a monthly salary ranging from P70,000 to P100,000. 

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On top of flexible working schedules and tons of Health benefits, you’ll be based in Cebu which boasts the biggest city for international career growth. 

Send us your resume after checking the details on this link:


  1. Japanese Customer Associate

Free Meals, Transportation Allowance and Accommodation all at once? You can have access to all these on top of your monthly salary (as much as P90,000 after tax and other deductions) when you got hired for this role. 

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Do the usual customer-support role and find out more in this link to start

  1. Japanese Quality Assurance Engineer

Once you found yourself fit for all the qualifications on this list (,  all the freebies you can enjoy are jaw-dropping; housing allowance, VISA processing, Free Air tickets to Japan twice a year with 1-week vacation, a salary as much as P150,000 and the privilege to work for the biggest Japanese IT company who had developed countless mobile gaming apps and software. 

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  1. Japanese Technical Writer 

Channel your inner spy and writer all in this one job and contribute to the overall malware and threat protection of internet users all over the world. All it takes is a language skill and the qualifications on this list to earn up to P120,000 not including bonuses and incentives. (

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  1. Japanese Language Instructor in Taguig and Cebu

Be part of one of the largest IT companies in Japan while working here in the Philippines. You can either work in Taguig or Cebu wherever you prefer. Share your Japanese language skills and have the luxury to enjoy amazing health packages and a salary up to P130,000. 

Know how to apply by checking this link:

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  1. Japanese Factory Manager

You can use your Japanese skills plus your managerial experience in one place. Earn as much as P160,000 and enjoy free meals, company car, performance-based incentive and more. Check out this link for the complete details:

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  1. Japanese General Manager

Now’s the best time to go big. Check out the link below and know how to earn P250,000 to P500,000 a month while working as a Japanese speaker for a Japanese Electrical Company with headquarters in the Philippines. 

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And that’s not all, you can still enjoy Free Car with a driver, a condo unit and a chance to be promoted to Japan site depending on performance.

While the above are the best opportunities for this month, there are still countless of underrated jobs for Japanese Bilinguals in this link:

And to tell you the truth, there are still more out there if you just keep on looking, learning, trying and speaking the language, not just by your lips but by your heart. 










9. オンラインバンキングの日本語ヘルプデスク




8. 日本人シニアデザイナー



7. 日本人サービスデスク










5. 日本人品質保証エンジニア





4. 日本人テクニカルライターJapanese Technical Writer



3. タギグとセブの日本語インストラクターの案件

フィリピンに拠点を置く日系IT大企業で働こう。働く場所は、タギグかセブかお好きなほうを選べます。 日本語スキルを使って、健康保険つき最大13万ペソの贅沢な待遇を享受すべし。



2. 日本人工場マネージャー







求め続け、学び続け、挑戦し続け、 あついハートで語っていれば、チャンスはやってきます!