Top 5 Hot Languages You Should be Speaking by Now

It’s undeniable that today is an era where communication is at its peak. In seconds, it won’t take us tears and sweat to say hello to someone in Iceland, all the way from Africa. Now, imagine how good it will be if you can maximize this situation by not only knowing how to say hello as plain as it is but saying it in the language that the person on the other end of the line can fully understand.

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Of course, the above concept is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a bigger portion that you can benefit from once you unlocked a skill connected to this. And yes. This is where studying a language or utilizing it to the fullest, sounds like a good idea.

Now, whether you’re already proficient in a language, have a language in mind, or is still clueless on what to learn, scroll on. This article listed the top languages you should be speaking by now, why you should invest in these and what’s waiting for you upon learning such.

5. French.

SIL International – USA published an Ethnologue in 2018, claiming French to be the 6th most spoken language of the world. This rank equates to around 442,000,000 speakers globally. This is 442,000,000 people you can relate to.

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Career-wise, jobs for French speakers are evidently increasing on a monthly basis.  Check out this link for actual, real-time opportunities in the Philippines alone.

The perks for each are also included, so enjoy!

4. German.

The German culture is an embodiment of color, power and fun. And if you want to have deeper access with their Norse mythology, beer craftmanship and world-famous classical music, probably the first thing to do is learn the language.

Don’t worry, if you’re about to invest in learning German or had already started learning such, it’s a guarantee that you’re headed the right way.

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The German economy is known to be the largest in Europe and 4th in the world. This resulted to fully established businesses expanding all over the world. This then resulted to a huge demand for a work-force equipped with the language.

Still in doubt, check out this link to see the hot 69 job positions available for German speakers across different industries:

3. Korean. 

The expansion of Korean media in speed of light, all over the world brings us a clearer view on how beautiful the country and its culture is. Even without this article, probably a portion of you reading this had already thought how good it would be to learn hangeul, in writing, speaking and reading aspects.

Come on, who wouldn’t want to watch K-dramas and listen to K-pop songs without the need for subtitles?

Buildings and Body of Water during Golden Hourimage source:

On top of this all, come take a look at the list of opportunities for Korean-speakers and how much you can benefit from these if you’re one.

2. Mandarin. 

The Chinese economy is the 2nd largest in the world, only out-ranked by the USA as per Focus Economics 2019 poll. This created a chain reaction of huge number of career opportunities for Mandarin language speakers.  Click this blue-font texts to get access to 212 active job openings (

Plus, with close to a billion speaker of the language you probably won’t feel out of place.


One of the three countries ranking as the world’s largest economies is Japan. Including this with the rich culture of the country, the lovely places and its disciplined nationals, there’s an endless list of things you will appreciate more once you know the Japanese language.

People Standing Near Buildings Under Night Skyimage source:

(Or an endless list of things you can be a part of if this is the case. Click this out for the 350 places where you can utilize your Nihonggo: )

Bonus points:

Now, if you know any of these languages or is looking into languages to learn which can step up your salary range. Check out the links connected to each language for the actual job opportunities.

* 56 job opportunities for Thai speakers(

*54 job openings for Spanish speakers (

*26 jobs for Vietnamese speakers (

*13 jobs for Portuguese speakers (

and more here:

Woman in Pink Dress Sitting on Bed While Readingimage source:

Still, at the end of the day, with or without opportunities, your choice of a language or a specific skill to learn will prevail. After all, your heart can be more powerful than your brain when it comes to things that you really really love.






5 Highly-Crucial Things, every Bilingual speaker should know about the Philippines


‘Mind if we do a quick checkup?

  1. Are you a Filipino who can speak Foreign language/s?
  2. Are you a Foreigner who would love to visit, work and stay in the Philippines?

If you are either of these, then you’re in for a treat. We have tons of fun and profitable facts, ideas, and knowledge,  clamped in this article. Be equipped with the must-knows and be mind-blown of the unknowns. Scroll on to start.

5. The Volume of the Career Opportunities. Over the years, the Philippines had been a magnet for Foreign investors. Big brands had one by one expanded their operations in the country which resulted to a lot of opportunities for Filipinos and even Foreign job-seekers.Group of People Watching on LaptopImage source:

In this website alone, ( close to a thousand active job opportunities (exclusive to Bilinguals) are available. The said jobs are across different positions and career levels. Certainly, something big is waiting for you!

Tell your friends about this and help them change their lives for the better.

4. The Industries of the Career Opportunites. The jobs available in the Philippines for Bilinguals are not only concentrated on BPO or contact centre-related jobs. About 700 talents with Language skills (regardless of whether they’ll be Filipinos or Foreigners) are needed for IT, Finance and Accounting, Human Resource, Marketing and Sales, Logistics, Tourism, Hotel and Casino, Aeronautics, Architecture, Engineering, Science and Research, Education and more. So if you have any hidden talents or have majored in any field mentioned above, we sure have something for you right here: (

Man Walking on Sidewalk Near People Standing and Sitting Beside Curtain-wall BuildingImage source:

3. The Location of the Career Opportunities. Now, let’s proceed to the location. If you’re already interested in working in the Philippines but is considering the thought of staying in the Metro, no worries. These opportunities are scattered throughout the Philippines.

If you love the country-kind of vibe with mountains, and spacious roads, click here (  and type in the province of your choice. Otherwise, if you don’t mind working and living in a city of skyscrapers, heavy traffic and noisy nights, feel free to type in any city in the Philippines you prefer, on the location search button on this page (


Image source: adobe stock |

2. The Benefits brought about by the Career Opportunities. If you’re hired as a Bilingual in the Philippines, chances are you can enjoy a lot of benefits on top of your monthly wage. Ranging from free meals to free accommodation, shuttle services, HMO benefits, Allowances and  Incentives, Paid training outside the country and the list still goes on with VISA Processing and Air tickets for Foreign Bilinguals. Don’t believe it yet? Check this list out and let the perks speak for themselves (

1. The Salary Package of the Career Opportunities. Filipinos mostly study Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and more languages to work overseas in thought that they can earn more. In the jobs that they can get in other countries, their salary ranges from 80,000-100,000 PHP. Now think about the expenses and cost of living, plus the fees that they need to pay for their stay while living away from their families and homes.

Meanwhile, a Filipino who can speak a Foreign language/s and who got hired as a Bilingual in the Philippines can get paid at 70,000 to as much as 200,000 PHP a month. Now think about the cost of living in the country which is relatively cheaper than that outside, plus the lack of VISA and other fees that they need to pay.

Person Holding And Showing 100 Dollar Bills From Leather WalletImage source:

Foreign Bilinguals, on the other hand, can get paid at 80,000 to 200,000 PHP depending on their experiences and the kind of job that they will be hired in. Now put into the equation the fact that all companies in the Philippines (hiring Foreign Bilinguals) provide VISA processing, what more can you possibly ask for?

Bonus notes:

  1. Companies require at least a basic to conversational level of the Foreign language proficiency among Filipino Bilinguals. While they look into the English proficiency of Foreign candidates.
  2. The Salary of a Bilingual is higher compared to Non-Bilinguals because the use of a language is getting paid at 30,000 to 60,000 PHP on top of the basic salary. (This depends) This breakdown is termed as the Language Premium.Man Wearing Black and White Stripe Shirt Looking at White Printer Papers on the WallImage source:

The things you need to know don’t end in this list. There’s a much bigger bucket of facts that we can share with you through our future articles. And if you can’t wait for that, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re available on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or on this line: 245 2829.

We’re waiting for you to learn and know more with us! ‘Til next time.

Lots of love,

J-K Network Team



Top Hot Job Locations in the Philippines

Almost everyone (if not all) looks into a lot of things before considering a job. One of these is the location.

Approximately 80% of the working population are into: “My workplace should be 5-20 minute away from home. I don’t want to get additional loads of stress from travelling to and from work.”

The remaining 20% are into: “Independence! I better work far from home. I can have a lot of freedom to eat what I want, go where I want and stay out as long as I want.” Either way, the bottom line of both is: “I-need-to-do-some-research-on-where-I’ll-work-or-it-will-affect-my-job-performance-in-the-future-sooner-or-later.”

Brown Wooden Docks Near Body of

Sit back folks. We made this ‘research’ just for you. Scroll through this list of top Job Locations in the Philippines and decide where will you belong.

5. Cavite. You don’t want to leave the convenience and ease of access of the city life but you’re quite tired of the busy and noisy set-up of the Metro, then this location is perfect for you.

The haven of the biggest local and international manufacturing companies are situated in this region, bringing about a stable list of career opportunities in different career levels, languages, salary ranges and job positions. (For real-time job openings in the Cavite, click here:

Image result for Caviteimagesource:SMDC condos(

Abundant with shopping centers, food and entertainment sites and only an hour and a half drive from Manila, Cavite is a good place to enjoy the convenience of the city and the peace of the country all in one.

Bonus points: The same vibe of living/working in Cavite can be derived in Laguna, Baguio, Pampanga and the nearby provinces around Metro Manila. (For job openings in these locations see these links:

Image result for Tagaytay imagesource:Escala Tagaytay in Tagaytay, Philippines (

25 jobs in Laguna:

14 jobs in Batangas:

15 jobs in Pampanga:

12 jobs in Subic:

17 jobs in Bulacan:

4. Cebu. Known as the queen city of the South, Cebu serves as Visayas’ version of Metro Manila. With a fully functioning international sea and air port, the city is home to global and international corporations of different industries. With hundreds of beautiful beaches and exotic delicacies, the place is sanctuary to adventurers and travelers.

Related image imagesource: (

Now add to this list the relatively cheaper cost of living against the commodity prices in Manila, what can you possibly ask for? (For job opportunities in Cebu right now, click here:

Bonus points: Davao also offers a somewhat similar career opportunities. (Click out this link for actual job openings:

3. Manila. Being the capital of the country and the home to Chinese Community, the city is a patchwork of businesses, both local and international. With it were job, career and business opportunities. (For a list of opportunities, scroll through this :

2.Quezon City. The largest city in the Philippines with the largest shopping center, largest event’s arena and largest Telecommunication networks housed the largest of businesses and corporations.

Image result for SM North at nightimagesource: (

Housing and accommodation in this area is cheaper compared to the other metro cities, making it more attractive to job-seekers. On this link are 66 sample career opportunities for your checking:

1.Taguig. Looking for a real haven of job opportunities where you can go job-jumping?[Not suggesting that you do this:)] Well, Taguig is the best place for you. With over a thousand huge corporations in operation and with the best luxury restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment centers lining every single street, the place is every corporate-people’s choice.

Image result for BGC at night

imagesource: video blocks

The cost of accommodation is a bit expensive, but public transportation to all points of the country are plenty. For actual 245 job openings in Taguig, click on this link:

Bonus points: Close to Taguig (distance and vibe-wise) are all the other cities listed below with the job opportunities available real time:

201 jobs in Makati:

104 jobs in Pasig:

72 jobs in Mandaluyong:

31 jobs in Pasay:

People Gathered Inside House Sitting on Sofaimagesource:

May this list help you in your choice. And may your choice be a place where you’ll really feel at home.




Top 10 Hot Jobs for Filipinos


image source:

Filipinos are known to be a globally-minded bunch of professionals. But before this, we are our country’s pride as a reliable workforce, locally speaking. We can be the best in whatever path we put our hearts and minds into.

Taking this into consideration, we bring you the top 10 hot jobs for Filipinos in this article. Scroll down and see what will be the perfect match for you.

10. Executive Secretary. Be the support of the biggest and most influential CEO’s and executive managers in the Philippines. While getting first-hand expertise on the administrative and professional world, get paid at 25,000.00 PHP – 30,000.00 PHP a month.

Check out a sample here:(

9. Engineers. The market for engineers branch out to a number of specialties: Service Engineers, Civil, Mechanical, Project, Sales and many more. If you think you’re a match to any of these, check this link out for more details: ( The pay ranges from 17,000.00 PHP to as much as 70,000.00 PHP depending on specialty and experience.


image source:

8. Program Developers. Your proficiency in Java and PHP development can take you to places. This link contains a number of job opportunities for those who have a background in IT and are Tech savvy, regardless of the experience. (

Check and see what salary bracket you deserve from 100,000.00 PHP – 120,000.00 PHP, 90,000.00 PHP – 100,000.00 PHP or 30,000.00 PHP – 60,000.00 PHP gross. 

7. Program designers. Have the chance to work closely with a team of like minds and  build amazing websites. Don’t let your IT-designing background go to waste. Earn 70,000.00 PHP (gross) while sharpening your Tech skills. 

See sample opportunities here: (


image source:

6.Marketing and Sales. The art of negotiation never runs out of style. In today’s time, anybody can learn and earn through it. Get as much as 25,000.00 PHP plus incentives and master the art of charm-speaking. 

A real-time job position is in this link : (

5.General Ledger. If you already have an exposure to General Accounting. This job is calling out to you. Get a monthly compensation of 25,000.00PHP-40,000.00PHP a month plus HMO, Insurance and Meal Allowances. On top of this, have the honor to work in a Global Pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, manufacture and commercialization of branded pharmaceutical device plus biologic, surgical and regenerative medicine products for patients around the world.  

Check the full details here (



image source:

4.HR Generalist. Have you ever wondered what it’ll be like if you’ll be the one to sit behind a table in an interview room assessing a queue of potential talents and candidates? If you’re a Bachelor’s degree holder, you can get the chance to exactly do what’s above. 

Be an HR Generalist by checking the full details of the job opening/s here: (

The monthly wage can get as much as 35,000.00 PHP.

3.Human Resource Business Partner. A huge company is defined by how strong its employees are. In connection, a strong team of staffs are united to perfection by the people in the Human Resource Department. If you think this Department is pointing out to you, check out this link to kick start your career choice: (

Take home a 100,00.00 PHP to 120,000.00 PHP pay by the end of the month and work for the world’s biggest Financial consultancy corporation. 

2.Logistics Leader. Shipping and Logistic Companies are getting trendy this season. The result? A number of job opportunities for those who can understand warehouse, inventory and stock system.

Get the chance to be hired and earn 20,000.00 PHP – 30,000.00 PHP a month even without the necessary or related experience. Start grabbing that chance here: (


image source:

1.Customer/Technical Support Representative. It’s undeniable that the BPO is in its full bloom this year and the good news is that the industry will get healthier over the next decade. More and more global and international companies are expanding  to the Philippines, which in turn also opened up employment opportunities to Filipinos. The salary range often plays around 20,000.00 PHP – 27,000.00 PHP depending on the account and incentives. 

As a definite sample, click here: (



image source:

The list above is just a preview on how big the opportunities for Filipinos are, here in the country.  We need not to go out of the Philippines to find growth. We just have to keep our eyes open, our hearts strong and our minds constructive to any criticisms and challenges which may come our way. Either way, it’s safe to say that 2019 is just the beginning.

Top 10 Hot Jobs for Bilinguals

In just a blur, we already bid farewell to the previous year. Before we knew it, 2019 is already wriggling alive and jolly in our front doors tempting us to take our first step that will shape the rest of the year.


photo credits:

And believe us, a good start can often result from a job. Hold tight. We consolidated here the career positions you can get this 2019. This list is a mix of back office to manufacturing, shared-services, IT-related and customer service jobs that can surely let you discover your potentials, from whatever background you might be, or however fluent you are of the languages that you’re knowledgeable of.


photo credits:

10. Accounts Receivable. Can you speak Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Thai, German, or other Asian and European lanaguages? Do you have an obvious passion for monetary cash inflows in businesses? Are you willing to get hired the soonest, utilize your language at its fullest and get to places? If you checked out all the boxes, then you’re the man for the job. A lot of companies are looking for you.

On top of ranging benefits (Free meals, Free air-fare and accommodation, transportation allowance, or  VISA processing) the companies are willing to pay a gross of 80,000.00 PHP above for monthly remuneration.

Take a look at a sample job here:

9. Accounts Payable. Getting 90,000 PHP and above for your monthly payslip isn’t really impossible. Once you have the courage and the heart to use the language you know, you’re just a step away from it. Your background in outgoing cash expenditures should also be always with you if you’re having an eye for this career opportunity.

Check it out here:


photo credits:

8. Human Resource Analyst. Manpower is probably the most important asset in any business. Thus, companies are willing to spend millions just to take care of their employees. As a result, this job position earned a spot in this 2019 trend list.

The usual pay ranges from 70,000 PHP to as much as 120,000 PHP. As long as you can speak languages and can understand data connected to human resources, you’re already shortlisted! Check this link for more details:

7. Marketing Staff/ Manager. The need for Digital Marketers and SEO managers are drastically increasing. You surely would have a place in the job market if you have eyes for positions like this.

While doing the job you love, you can earn 40,000-80,000 PHP a month. Have a look at the full details in this link:

pexels-photo-1059120photo credits:

6. Procurement Specialist. Those who have hearts for supply and demand chain, we also got one for you. Your skills and background in the search for quality and affordable goods for the business operations can get you paid at a range of 80,000-100,000 PHP ( and still negotiable. )

For more like this (in different languages), check on this link:



photo credits:

5. Java Developer. Now, if you want to have a sky-rocketing monthly pay while being able to utilize your savvy technical and language skills, you probably shouldn’t waste time. Click on this link and see how 150,000 PHP to 200,000 PHP can take you to places.

4. Application Developer. This job position doesn’t fall far from career opening no. 5. Imagine designing an app and seeing it live in the App store being used by millions. This time, imagine getting paid at 100,000-150,000 PHP a month plus benefits. You probably can imagine a lot of other things in this link:


Person Using Macbook Pro On Person's Lap

photo credits:

3. Interpreter/Translator. Do you want to continually use your language in writing and in speaking and still get paid? Well, you’re in the right place. Translation and interpretation jobs are evidently in abundance in this link:

Just feel free to key in your language and your preferred position in the search button and find jobs which can get you 40,000 PHP – 60,000 PHP a month.

2. Executive Secretary. This job spot doesn’t necessarily require any experience or educational background. If you’re  an aspiring candidate for this position, the language that you know is your ace, on top of your attention to detail and systematic organization.  You can expect a pay at 65,000 PHP to 90,000 PHP.

Check out sample openings here:

1. Customer Service. Ladies and gentlemen, this career choice tops this list. The BPO industry has taken over the world in a storm and most of the openings that we can see in any job-posting sites are commonly customer support, client support, technical support, email and chat support and client support for Business to business transactions.

If you would like to try being in  this Global trend, with the language you can speak, you can probably take home 80,000 PHP to 100,000 PHP a month, depending on your experience and language proficiency.

See this job here for your reference:

Man With Headphones Facing Computer Monitor

photo credits:

All of these are located in the different cities in the Philippines; Taguig, Mandaluyong City, Makati City, Pasig City, Pasay City, Quezon City, Cebu City, Davao or even in some regions of the country. The companies are also willing to shoulder VISA or Airfare expenses for foreigners or native speakers.

Still no list can ever hold the job opportunities for those who have the heart and the willingness to try new challenges other than those which they consider their ‘comfort zones’.

Why don’t you try your chances now? Who knows? You might be just a click away from your dreams. (which can start in this link:

For a fulfilling 2019 ahead, cheers!


Five Tips to Getting out of a Stressful Job

Do your Mondays feel longer? Your Tuesdays crawl way longerrrrrrr. And the days in between stretch up to infinity before Saturday finally comes up your front door? Do your work desk feels like a torture chamber which tempts you to just leave and give up that job you wanted badly in the first place?


Photo Credits:

Well, good news, everything is not the actual thing. It’s just a pigment of your imagination. And uh, bad news, that not-so-actual thing can feel like the real thing. This article might make it look weird, but the whole world knows it is called stress.

And if you’re here because you think this article can help you get rid of a stressful workplace, here’s the bad news again: The title misleads you. There’s no such thing. However, reading further and deeper, you’ll realize that out of nothing, you can create something and make the best out of it. So hold on, relax your senses and let your thumb do the scrolling for you. Here are five tips to getting out of a Stressful job.

1.Don’t get out of that job. There was once a woodcutter who loves a certain path very much. He can’t live a day without having to pass through it. The problem is, the branches of the nearby trees are always getting on the way,—overhanging and covering the path. It made the woodcutter so mad and irritated.


Photo Credits:

In his annoyance, he cut down all the trees around the area. As a result, there’s nothing to block the sun’s hot and glaring rays, anymore. The woodcutter lived in regret afterwards, telling himself that he should have gotten rid of the branches first.

This myth might be from out of nowhere. But the connection is obvious. It’s better to handle the small sources of your stress first, before making the big leap out of your job. Or else, you’ll end up regretting it.

2.Don’t eat tasty. Have you ever experienced getting really depressed and tired and worn-out, yet after just a sip of a warm noodle-soup or a bite off a chocolate bar, everything seems to just go away? If you’re thinking this 2nd tip refers to stress-eating, there—you got it not so right. Stress-eating today will just lead to another one tomorrow and tomorrow and the day after that.


Photo Credits:

Indulge yourself into tons of happiness-triggering fries, soda, instant noodles, chips and chocolates. Yes. You might feel happy and stress-free for a while. But your body says otherwise. These food groups normally only contain carbs and sugar, which, in high intakes can negatively affect you both physically and mentally.

An old saying goes like: What you eat is what you are. This might sound like a myth, but it’s definitely true in many levels. Veggie and healthy diet can give your body the perfect fit which can boost your confidence. This can also supply you with the necessary nutrients which can sharpen your thinking and widen your perspectives. So when you have plans to do stress-eating, go green.

3. Don’t stay active. Staying busy might be what other people will consider stress-relievers. Pulling off an all-nighter for that proposal/project/report might be the only thing that you want. The results might be the achievement which can rid of your stress.


Photo Credits:
But if you want to live up until seeing the results of what you worked hard for, you should limit yourself to a time-span which will not deprive you of sleep. Don’t be active for 20 or so straight hours. Let your mind rest for a while so that more positive thoughts can come in.

On top of this, giving your whole body an enough amount of rest is like a phone getting a healthy amount of electric charge. It can last longer and can function way better.

4. Don’t de-stress. (Too much) K-dramas, movie marathon or a super late-night talk with your partner might be what you call your happy pill/s. Spending time with these kind of stuffs might make you feel really energetic. But you certainly wouldn’t expect the turn-out to be like these:

‘Oh! I forgot to send this email. Hadn’t realized I was past five episodes already. I’m so dead because of this.’

‘Oh forgot to prepare my report, my talk with bae lasted longer than usual.  What am I going to do with this!’


Photo Credits:

De-stressing is indeed important but too much will only cause you stress in the end.

5. Don’t stay consistent.  Most of workplace-related stressors are often those which arise from low morale, lack of sense of belonging, lack of achievement and inability to blend in. Either you feel suffocated by situations and the people around you, or you feel unimportant no matter what you do.

The reasons are not from anything or anybody else. It depends on you. Even if you’re working really hard, you won’t feel any sense of accomplishment at all, if your kind of job requires you to be smart.


Photo Credits:

You have a working style which you’re confident about. You’ve been living with this since the day you woke up to a corporate world. If that’s going on for too long and you seem like you’re not going anywhere, maybe it’s time now to have a make over.

Read corporate-related blogs and memoirs. These might not totally change your life but it will be a huge impact to the way you look at things.Observe your workplace. It’s certainly different from anywhere else that you got used to. Each one has its culture which requires a different kind of approach. Consistency might be reliable but flexibility is resilience.

In the end, the final say will always be yours. You, of all people, know when something can’t be settled anymore by just cutting the branches. Just be sure that you’ll face any regret and just live up to the choice you made.


1. How did you know about J-K Network Services? (J-K네트워크 서비스에 대해 어떻게 알았습니까? 
I received an e-mail from J-K Network Services, a company that has a partnership with UP, informing those who recently graduated about the services they offer to multilinguals.
졸업한 후에 UP과 관계 있는 J-K Network Services이란 회사한테 외국어 가능한 직장 구하는 분 도와주는 회사라고 이력서 보내면 된단 이메일 받았습니다.
2. Kindly rate our service from 1 star to 5 stars. (별 1개에서 별 다섯개까지 우리의 서비스 등급을 매기십시오).  
Please explain. (설명해주세요).
They inform openings that become available and I receive updates often. Also, they respond in a timely manner whenever I had questions regarding the position or the requirements for the job. Further, they send me reminders every time I have an appointment or interview. Thankfully, I got accepted in a good company with their help.
J-K Network Services 인터뷰하다가 평가해서 잘 맞는 구인을 문자나 이메일로 알려 줍니다. 질문이 있었얼때 답을 바로 하고 인터뷰 날에 상기 시켰습니다. 덕분에 지금 좋은 회사 다니고 있습니다.
3. Who is your recruiter? What can you say about your recruiter? (당신의 신병 모집 담당자는 누구입니까? 당신은 당신의 신병 모집에 대해 어떻게 생각하십니까?)
My recruiter is Ms. Kylie. A large part of my rating for #2 depends on my rating for my recruiter. Ms. Kylie had been very nice and patient every time I had concerns regarding the information on the positions they post or message. She also constantly sends messages – reminders and encouragements – during interview or assessment days.
Ms. Kylie입니다. 2번에 매긴 등급의 대부분이 Ms. Kylie 달려 있다. 친절하고 저 질문 많아도 참을성 있고 지원해봤던 입사에 대한 업데이트 해줍니다. 인터뷰 날에 상기 시키거나 격려해줍니다.
4. Are you satisfied with J-K Network Assistance?(J-K네트워크 지원에 만족하십니까?)
Yes. 네.
5. Will you refer our company to your friends, relatives or anyone who is looking for a job? Yes or No (why) – 저희 회사를 친구들이나 친척들이나 직장을 찾고 계신 분들께 저희 회사를 소개해 주시겠습니까? 예 또는아니오(이유)
Yes. They have been very helpful to me when I was still looking for a job and it’s through their help that I was able to find my current work.
네. J-K Network Services는 제가 일자리 찾았을때 많이 도와줘서 가족이나 친구들이나 직장 찾는 아는 사람한테 추천할겁니다.
6. Do you have additional comment and suggestion? (추가 의견이나 제안 사항이 있습니까?)
 No additional comments / suggestions.