10 Available Jobs Amidst the Enhanced Community Quarantine

Staying two months locked up at home, with nothing but news of increasing virus-infected tolls, rising death counts and dropping worldwide economies, will surely make anyone think that the world had indeed stopped.

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Worry not, there might be some changes but thousand things are still waiting for you, most of which, are career opportunities. We have listed the hottest job openings that we have, some of which offer Work-From-Home Set up. Scroll on and don’t hesitate to share this list and spread hope.

10. Data Analyst. Are you a Fresh graduate and the quarantine set up is getting in the way of your first job-hunting? Worry not, check the complete list of requirements for this role right here: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=&fW%5B%5D=1&p=30&jobnum=2020000619.

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Get to enjoy your first job, whenever, wherever.

9. Japanese Speaking Supervisor. Be hired and work from home while earning up to P75,000. Despite the Enhanced Community Quarantine, you can undergo interviews and assessments and be closer to signing an offer without leaving the safety of your homes. Check out the complete details of the job here: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020000867

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8. Japanese Layout Artist. Enjoy full health insurance benefits, dayshift schedules, Leave packages and more while working with one of the World’s biggest Accounting Firm. Start with a salary package up to P90,000. The complete recruitment process, job description and requirements are listed here: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=Japanese&l=&q=&fW%5B%5D=2&jobnum=2020000718

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7.Japanese Email & Chat Support. The list is just getting started. Earn up to P90,000 even without any relevant experience when you got hired for this role. Check out this link for the full details: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=Japanese&l=&q=&fW%5B%5D=2&p=10&jobnum=2020000487

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6.Japanese VIP Concierge. Can’t go out? No worries, This job is a work-from-home role where you can earn as much as P60,000 NET for your monthly salary. Check out all the details right here: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020000949

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5. Mandarin Team Leader. Work for one of the biggest IT companies in the world with a Philippine headquarters in Quezon City.  Enjoy a monthly salary of as much as P110,000. The role is open even for undergraduates so check out the rest of the requirements here and know if you have what it takes: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=Mandarin&a=search&jobnum=2020000677


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4.Mandarin Sr. Web Production Specialist. Not only can you enjoy a starting pay of P105,000 a month but will also have access to non-taxable allowances. Listed here are the rest of the benefits offered if you got hired: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=&fW%5B%5D=2&jobnum=2020000988

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3.Mandarin HR Specialist. Tired of working at shifting schedules? This role offers you dayshift and weekends-off arrangements. Have the chance to work for the world’s biggest online shopping platform and earn a range of P70,000 to P90,000. The complete list of the job description is indicated here: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=&fW%5B%5D=2&jobnum=2020000980

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2.Mandarin Service Desk. Do you have at least 6 months experience in BPO? Then perhaps this job opportunity is made for you. Earn a negotiable monthly salary of P100,000 and be an important support for technology users all over the world. This link lists the complete job details: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&p=20&jobnum=2020000659

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1.Mandarin Medical Tech Representative. Take pride in working for an American Healthcare Company and Earn an All-basic pay of P100,000 as a Medical Representative. The role offers a long list of additional benefits right here: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=Mandarin&l=&q=&jobnum=2020000932.


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The above are only samples of jobs available for you while you are keeping yourself safe by staying at home. Whatever happens, always remember that no matter how dark the night may be, the sun will rise again.


Author: J-K Network Services

ABOUT US J-K NETWORK MANPOWER SERVICES is a trusted partner for providing manpower solution to over 500 companies around the Philippines. We find MULTILINGUALS, FILIPINO and EXECUTIVES for all types of jobs. We are a licensed recruitment agency with Government accreditation. We are registered in Department of Trade and Industry with no. 01956641 and we are under the Department of Labor and Employment License number M-15-01-034. We give free assistance for your employment application. Free Career Consultation. Awarded as the best vendor in the Philippines, Be employed with today’s biggest companies in the country. Our clients are from BPO, IT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Bank and Finance, Consultancy, Casinos and other International and Global companies based in the Philippines Hiring Bilinguals Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Fukien), Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Thai, Bengali, Portuguese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Urdu, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch HIRING FILIPINO (all positions) Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Office Management, Advertising/Publishing, Human Resource/Back Office Jobs, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Hotel-Hospitality, Customer Service Industry, BPO Industry, Engineering, IT (Hardware), IT (Software), IT (Network, DataBase, System) AWARDS RECEIVED 2014 • Accenture’s Entry Level Hires (Multilingual) 2014 • Accenture’s Valued Recruitment Partner 2014 2015 • Accenture’s Top Multilingual Provider 2015 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -3rd Quarter of 2015 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -1st Quarter of 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -2nd Quarter of 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -3rd Quarter of 2016

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