This is Why you should Learn Korean and Why you should Start Now.

If KPOP, Kdrama and Korean Beef Barbecue can’t get you to learn Korean perhaps the points in this list will.

Have you just heard what’s playing on the morning’s radio program? We bet you can’t understand the lyrics but you jive to the beat nonetheless.

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Have you just seen that giant mall poster of a tall, black-haired man with plump lips and dark eyes? We bet you know it’s Park Seo Joon.

Here's our BENCH Oppas and Unnies through the years! - Annyeong Oppa

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Then include the clothing style of your friend, the TV show your mom’s watching, the food your sister likes to the beauty regimen you wanted to try out—claim it or not, everywhere you look or anywhere you go, the traces of Korean culture follows you.

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Indeed it’s a whole lot intriguing to delve deeper into this revolution and understand the trend deeper by learning the Language. And if all these aren’t enough, stay until the end of this article and see more reasons why you should study the language and why you have to do it now.

Availability of Education Opportunities. If you’re planning to have an international degree in your chosen field, a lot of opportunities for Exchange student programs are offered for qualified candidates bound to Korea. And whether you like it or not, the basic requirement is a certain level of Korean proficiency. You can check this video to see more information about studying in Korea as a Filipino exchange.

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Availability of Career Opportunities. Thousand international companies who have branched out in the Philippines are catering to the growing Korean market. With such the demand for Korean-speaking talents rises. In this website alone, about 83 job positions for Korean are available:

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The rise of these demands didn’t seem to slow down. As monthly, about 10 to 15 job positions for Korean speakers are recorded and more are coming in as the days go by.

Availability of Learning Resource. As the Korean Wave doesn’t seem to slow down, a lot of contents on the internet, a lot of free classes in Universities and a lot of Language schools are offering different ways in learning Korean. And if it’s in your bucket list to learn a Language or two, Korean is undeniably the most convenient option to pick.

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Medium to Widen Connections. Speaking another language is a great way to connect with people of the same tongue. And if you plan to make more friends, especially of Korean race, then this is the best time to start your learning.

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Basics for Travelling. Almost everybody wanted to visit Korea? Perhaps have a peek of its historical temples, or take a stroll in the midst of Nami Island’s Korean Pine Tree-laden paths, or have a grab of your favorite Exo Merchandise in SM Coex Artium. Either way, this isn’t just a distant dream nowadays as countless travel companies offer really affordable tour fees. But before you book your flight or plan your itinerary, it’s recommended to first know at least the basic of the language to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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How is it? Are you now more eager to start your learning or is now more motivated to continue your pace? Then there’s a lot who’s rooting for you.

Keep it up and just push forward until you won’t need subtitles for your Korean movies and shows, your idol’s music video or the instructions on how to cook your ramen, Korean-style.


Top 10 Hot Jobs for Filipinos


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Filipinos are known to be a globally-minded bunch of professionals. But before this, we are our country’s pride as a reliable workforce, locally speaking. We can be the best in whatever path we put our hearts and minds into.

Taking this into consideration, we bring you the top 10 hot jobs for Filipinos in this article. Scroll down and see what will be the perfect match for you.

10. Executive Secretary. Be the support of the biggest and most influential CEO’s and executive managers in the Philippines. While getting first-hand expertise on the administrative and professional world, get paid at 25,000.00 PHP – 30,000.00 PHP a month.

Check out a sample here:(

9. Engineers. The market for engineers branch out to a number of specialties: Service Engineers, Civil, Mechanical, Project, Sales and many more. If you think you’re a match to any of these, check this link out for more details: ( The pay ranges from 17,000.00 PHP to as much as 70,000.00 PHP depending on specialty and experience.


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8. Program Developers. Your proficiency in Java and PHP development can take you to places. This link contains a number of job opportunities for those who have a background in IT and are Tech savvy, regardless of the experience. (

Check and see what salary bracket you deserve from 100,000.00 PHP – 120,000.00 PHP, 90,000.00 PHP – 100,000.00 PHP or 30,000.00 PHP – 60,000.00 PHP gross. 

7. Program designers. Have the chance to work closely with a team of like minds and  build amazing websites. Don’t let your IT-designing background go to waste. Earn 70,000.00 PHP (gross) while sharpening your Tech skills. 

See sample opportunities here: (


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6.Marketing and Sales. The art of negotiation never runs out of style. In today’s time, anybody can learn and earn through it. Get as much as 25,000.00 PHP plus incentives and master the art of charm-speaking. 

A real-time job position is in this link : (

5.General Ledger. If you already have an exposure to General Accounting. This job is calling out to you. Get a monthly compensation of 25,000.00PHP-40,000.00PHP a month plus HMO, Insurance and Meal Allowances. On top of this, have the honor to work in a Global Pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, manufacture and commercialization of branded pharmaceutical device plus biologic, surgical and regenerative medicine products for patients around the world.  

Check the full details here (



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4.HR Generalist. Have you ever wondered what it’ll be like if you’ll be the one to sit behind a table in an interview room assessing a queue of potential talents and candidates? If you’re a Bachelor’s degree holder, you can get the chance to exactly do what’s above. 

Be an HR Generalist by checking the full details of the job opening/s here: (

The monthly wage can get as much as 35,000.00 PHP.

3.Human Resource Business Partner. A huge company is defined by how strong its employees are. In connection, a strong team of staffs are united to perfection by the people in the Human Resource Department. If you think this Department is pointing out to you, check out this link to kick start your career choice: (

Take home a 100,00.00 PHP to 120,000.00 PHP pay by the end of the month and work for the world’s biggest Financial consultancy corporation. 

2.Logistics Leader. Shipping and Logistic Companies are getting trendy this season. The result? A number of job opportunities for those who can understand warehouse, inventory and stock system.

Get the chance to be hired and earn 20,000.00 PHP – 30,000.00 PHP a month even without the necessary or related experience. Start grabbing that chance here: (


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1.Customer/Technical Support Representative. It’s undeniable that the BPO is in its full bloom this year and the good news is that the industry will get healthier over the next decade. More and more global and international companies are expanding  to the Philippines, which in turn also opened up employment opportunities to Filipinos. The salary range often plays around 20,000.00 PHP – 27,000.00 PHP depending on the account and incentives. 

As a definite sample, click here: (



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The list above is just a preview on how big the opportunities for Filipinos are, here in the country.  We need not to go out of the Philippines to find growth. We just have to keep our eyes open, our hearts strong and our minds constructive to any criticisms and challenges which may come our way. Either way, it’s safe to say that 2019 is just the beginning.