5 Don’ts in Job-hunting this Rainy Season

It’s cold even when the fan and the AC unit are turned off.

Even through the high-volume TV and the shrieks of the kids playing in the living room, you can hear the endless pitter-patter of the rain on your ceiling. Yet, somewhat you feel at ease.

An aroma of ginger, chilli leaves and oil wafted from the kitchen. ‘It must be Tinola for lunch’, you thought. Despite the smell and the rising mumble from your tummy, you chose to stay in your bed and sleep for more until somebody wakes you up for a cup of warm tea. ‘It’s a good thing. I’m home’, you thought.

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But what if it’s not the case? What if you have a job interview at 8:00 AM a few miles away from home? Or what if you have to take a final assessment for a job you badly wanted in the next hour? Or what if you’re jobless and is nearing the brink of bankruptcy?

You surely can’t enjoy lying around in bed despite the perfect rainy mood. No worries. We got you. Scroll on and see how these tips will guide you all throughout your job-hunting during this rainy season.

5. Don’t ever forget your umbrella. The most basic tip is, of course, getting equipped. No matter where you’re going or no matter how sunny the skies are,  don’t put in the hands of the fates your future of not getting wet right before a job interview.

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Interviewers wouldn’t surely accept an ‘it’s raining’ excuse once you appear un-groomed. Though skill over appearances is a good belief, you surely can’t run from ‘first impressions last‘.

4. Don’t go out unprepared. While securing an umbrella can sound like the best preparation, this No. 4 tip will add more sense to the term ‘being prepared’.

Make sure that you’ve gone through google maps (many times),  surveying the location of your job interview or assessment. If you have a handful of extra time beforehand, it’s a whole lot better to check the site in person.

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Rainy days can bring about a lot of unexpected congestion on roads and even public transport. Knowing two or more alternative routes headed to your interview site will work on your favor of arriving on time and on good terms.

3. Don’t rely on just the clothes on your body. Wearing your corporate attire is one of the fundamentals of job-hunting. It applies the same on all seasons. Yet a small splash of mud on your trousers or little specks of raindrops on your chest will make you wish someone made a law that you can wear casual clothes in interviews during the rainy season.

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Worry not. You can always bring extra tops, or polo, or slacks and socks, neatly folded in your bag. Worst-case scenarios may occur, you can be assured that you have something in your bag, one pull away.

2. Don’t rely on any weather forecast. If you’re a Filipino or someone who had stayed in the Philippines for a while now, you probably will have an idea that the months of June to August are wet seasons. You’ll expect and un-expect rainy days in random, that you’ll probably tune in a lot on weather newscast.

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A friendly tip here: Don’t rely too much on these forecasts and end up going unprepared. Always bring that bag of umbrella and extra suits with you, regardless of how the news mentioned that it’d be sunny the following day.

1. Don’t go hunting for jobs alone. You might be thinking that this no. 1 tip is for you to bring your friends. Well, that might sound like a good idea but we have a better suggestion; Go consult Head-hunting Firms for your Job hunting.

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Head-hunters are these private companies who are partnered with huge brands and corporations both in and out of the country. They are taking care of the job openings of the companies they’re connected with, which make them a pool of jobs (They usually have a range of 100 to 2000 job positions/openings).

Check out this one website which proves that you’ll get more chances of finding a suitable career-path once you seek for assistance from head-hunters. In almost 1,200 jobs that they got, surely five or more are waiting for you. (https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search)

Once you signed up with them, they will match your profile to as many jobs available in their records and will set you up, coach you and assist you in interviews or assessments and even lead you to the location of your schedules through the best and fastest routes, all for Free. If this may sound shady, don’t worry.  Head-hunting companies are deriving their incomes from their partner companies, thus you need not to have doubts on the Free-Assistance you can get.

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Still, summing all these up, the best thing you can do is be aware of your surroundings despite the weather. Stay warm, dry and smart all the times, while you’re out hunting for jobs.





















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