10 Hot Job Openings for Bilinguals in May 2020

With the ever-extending community quarantine, you certainly have a lot of thoughts about what’s waiting for you after the lockdown. Most of your thinking must be about your career, considering the economic fluctuations the country’s facing right now.

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Well, have a short scroll and see below our hottest list of available career opportunities across all languages, locations and positions amidst this pandemic. Should you want to see more, the complete list is right here: http://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search

10. Japanese IT Programmer. Looking for a job? Then if you have a Java background and is at least N3 Japanese proficient, you’re in the right place. Earn as much as P250,000 and enjoy jaw-dropping benefits when you got hired as a Japanese IT Programmer for a prominent IT company in Manila. Check out the full requirements in this link : https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?jobnum=2020000842

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9.Japanese Aircon Sales Expert. Boost your pay with the generous incentive program in this International Airconditioning company. Be hired as a Japanese speaking Aircon Sales Expert and enjoy numerous benefits and a highly negotiable pay. Language Certificate isn’t a requirement at all. The rest of the requirements are listed here: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020000915

8.Mandarin Proofreader. Are you expecting a high pay backed up with other allowances in a job? Then, you’ll have all that when you got hired as a Mandarin Proofreader for an Australian BPO company in its Ortigas site. You can earn as much as P95,000, allowances and leave credits. Know if you got what it takes for the role right here: http://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020001030

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7.Mandarin IT Team Leader. If you’re not in a hurry to find jobs but would like an opportunity right after the community lockdown, this position is your best shot. Be a part of the world’s leading management and consulting company in Taguig and earn as much as P150,000. Send us a copy of your resume after checking the list of requirements and job description in this link: http://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020001036

Man Teaching Woman in Front of MonitorImage Source: pexels.com

6.Korean Accounts Receivable Analyst. Get the job without leaving your home if you apply for this role. This Multinational Pharmaceutical Company conducts their interviews and assessments online. On top of this convenience, you can earn as much as P120,000, Free VISA processing, Free Shuttle, HMO with dependents and more listed in this link: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=Korean&a=search&jobnum=2020001020

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5.Korean Medical Translator. You can earn as much as P120,000, Medical Assistance, Insurance and more when you got hired in this US-founded BPO company. You can also expect online interviews all throughout the recruitment process and a dayshift schedule once you started. Have a look at the complete job details in this link: https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=Korean&a=search&p=10&jobnum=2020000956

Photo of Two People Using Their GadgetsImage Source: pexels.com

4.Spanish Software Helpdesk Consultant. Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Transportation and Miscellaneous allowances and more, plus a pay of as much as P80,000 are packaged in what you can receive if you got hired in this position. See if the nature of the job fits your style and preferences, right here: http://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020001035.

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3. French Technical Support Analyst. It isn’t too late to check out what are the other benefits you can get on top of your P80,000-pay when you got hired as a French Technical Support for a Global IT Company in Taguig. See the complete list of benefits here: http://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020001039

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2. Source to Pay Invoice Processor Expert. Don’t have any foreign language skill? No worries. We also have something for you. Be a part of a renowned Pharmaceutical Shared Services Company in the world and earn as much as P50,000 plus a lucrative Insurance benefits when you got hired for this position. For the complete job details, check out this list: http://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020001034

Woman in Black and White Striped Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Tablet ComputerImage Source: pexels.com

1.HR Supervisor. Concluding this list is another role for Filipino executives. Work in a dayshift schedule as an HR Manager in the Philippines top Automotive Insurance company in Quezon City. Check the full requirements right here: http://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2020001031

Mother Talking on the Phone While Taking Care of Her ChildrenImage Source: pexels.com

This is only a preview of all the career opportunities waiting for you amidst the Global Pandemic. No matter what happens, never stop to keep looking and continue trying while not losing hope. Be safe always!


Author: J-K Network Services

ABOUT US J-K NETWORK MANPOWER SERVICES is a trusted partner for providing manpower solution to over 500 companies around the Philippines. We find MULTILINGUALS, FILIPINO and EXECUTIVES for all types of jobs. We are a licensed recruitment agency with Government accreditation. We are registered in Department of Trade and Industry with no. 01956641 and we are under the Department of Labor and Employment License number M-15-01-034. We give free assistance for your employment application. Free Career Consultation. Awarded as the best vendor in the Philippines, Be employed with today’s biggest companies in the country. Our clients are from BPO, IT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Bank and Finance, Consultancy, Casinos and other International and Global companies based in the Philippines Hiring Bilinguals Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Fukien), Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Thai, Bengali, Portuguese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Urdu, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch HIRING FILIPINO (all positions) Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Office Management, Advertising/Publishing, Human Resource/Back Office Jobs, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Hotel-Hospitality, Customer Service Industry, BPO Industry, Engineering, IT (Hardware), IT (Software), IT (Network, DataBase, System) AWARDS RECEIVED 2014 • Accenture’s Entry Level Hires (Multilingual) 2014 • Accenture’s Valued Recruitment Partner 2014 2015 • Accenture’s Top Multilingual Provider 2015 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -3rd Quarter of 2015 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -1st Quarter of 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -2nd Quarter of 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -3rd Quarter of 2016

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