5 Tips for Bilingual Job-Hunting in the Philippines

Are you a Bilingual Speaker who’s currently looking for a job? After the long Learning stage of acquiring a new language, it’s probably about time to put all that knowledge into something you’ll enjoy,—- a job perhaps, or something more established,— a career.


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Here are 5 things you need to know before you get into the interview stage with the hope of nailing a job and putting your language to good use.

5. Make sure that you’re truly a Bilingual

First off, you must be certain that you can indeed read, write and speak the language in a level suitable for a business and work setting.

You can check your skills by taking online tests of proficiency which are readily available on the internet. Though results may not be accurate, it can lead you close to the real deal of you being a Bilingual.



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Meanwhile, if you’re up for a more serious approach, you can always take up official Proficiency tests such as JLPT, TOPIK, HSK and IELTS. It might be a bit pricey but you can be assured that you’re investing in the right place.


4. Be honest about your Proficiency

While having a higher Language level gives you higher chances of getting hired, over-rating yourself can bring about high expectations to your interviewers, about you. They might assess you at a level you’re vaguely aware of, which can lead to a big-time interview or exam failure.


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Just be confident.

Whatever language level you have, be honest and stick with it until the very end. Having a low language proficiency doesn’t mean no job is suitable for you. In this website, (http://jknetwork-jobs.com/) you can find lists of career opportunities which are open for language levels starting from Conversational to Advanced. 

3. Research the company you are applying for.

Preparation can always be the best weapon. Make sure to check the company and the position that you’re interested in or which have matched your profile. Prepare a spiel in your language which can answer a probable question: ‘What do you know about our company?’


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Also familiarize yourself to terms and words associated to the position or job that you’re applying for and try translating those to your language. This can save you during interviews as these new words can allow you to navigate your thoughts and ideas more confidently.

2. Be Confident.

Most job interviews always take into consideration a percentage of how a candidate handles himself, regardless of language proficiency. Make eye contact all the time. It is important to demonstrate your skills to the interviewer not only as a Bilingual professional but also as a competitive applicant.

Don’t forget to smile every time you answer the questions. It will give you an aura of confidence to the interviewer.

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To be prepared, you can practice at home. In front of the mirror, you can talk to yourself as an interviewer. It may sound funny but it works. It will help you boost your confidence until you got rid of the jitters and the nerves

1. Follow up on your application.

Make a follow with the recruiter 24 hours – 48 hours after the interview. Show the company that you’re really interested in the position. If you have been told that you haven’t made it, ask them for honest feedback and the areas where you failed. You can have better use of it in the future.

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May you find these tips helpful in your search for better career opportunities. Just remember that aside from this article you always have the internet, your experiences and yourself to rely on regardless of your endeavour.

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Just always believe in ‘you’ and everything will follow!:)








5. あなたが本当にバイリンガルかどうかを知る



一方で、もしより正確な方法を望むなら、JLPTやTOPIK、HSK 、IELTSなどの言語の公式実力テストも受けることができます。受験料は少し高いけれど、公式のテストを受けることは自分に対する投資だと思えば安いものです。


4. 自分の言語の実力に正直になる




このウェブサイトの中には (http://jknetwork-jobs.com/)「会話レベル」から「上級レベル」までの言語レベルを持つ人向けに、お仕事の案件がリスト化されています。


3. 応募する会社について調べる




 2. 自信を持つ





 1. 応募案件のフォローアップをする




Author: J-K Network Services

ABOUT US J-K NETWORK MANPOWER SERVICES is a trusted partner for providing manpower solution to over 500 companies around the Philippines. We find MULTILINGUALS, FILIPINO and EXECUTIVES for all types of jobs. We are a licensed recruitment agency with Government accreditation. We are registered in Department of Trade and Industry with no. 01956641 and we are under the Department of Labor and Employment License number M-15-01-034. We give free assistance for your employment application. Free Career Consultation. Awarded as the best vendor in the Philippines, Be employed with today’s biggest companies in the country. Our clients are from BPO, IT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Bank and Finance, Consultancy, Casinos and other International and Global companies based in the Philippines Hiring Bilinguals Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Fukien), Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Thai, Bengali, Portuguese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Urdu, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch HIRING FILIPINO (all positions) Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Office Management, Advertising/Publishing, Human Resource/Back Office Jobs, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Hotel-Hospitality, Customer Service Industry, BPO Industry, Engineering, IT (Hardware), IT (Software), IT (Network, DataBase, System) AWARDS RECEIVED 2014 • Accenture’s Entry Level Hires (Multilingual) 2014 • Accenture’s Valued Recruitment Partner 2014 2015 • Accenture’s Top Multilingual Provider 2015 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -3rd Quarter of 2015 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -1st Quarter of 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -2nd Quarter of 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -3rd Quarter of 2016

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