I learned how a kind-hearted professional works.

Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling, people standing            While looking for a job, I had hard times finding companies which I wanted to apply. Even, I only had a little information because it was the first job I searched after graduation. At that time, as browsing job searching sites on internet, I found a job posting that looked interesting. That was a Korean community website but the post was written in English.  So, I clicked that with hope. I remember that I was so tired of searching since there are only few companies disclosed.  That was the time I found a job posting by Ms. Maya who just became my true teammate for jobs. I just called her number and she welcomed me happily.

The one-stop service offered by the company just made me concentrate on what I need to look for. When I tried myself, I felt that I was just alone fighting for unknown enemies. I fight but I gain nothing and got more tired. However, from the time I met Ms. Maya, I felt like we do it together as a team. Her kindness always warmed me when I felt so nervous time to time. That encouraged me a lot. Continuing, I think this service is not only to find jobs but to be a team to fight together. I really appreciate for the service.

I cannot express how I appreciate to Ms. Maya. I am super more than being just appreciated. I remember that, one time, I passed the exam and had to prepare for the interview. But, I was so nervous and needed to talk to someone. But, everyone around myself was busy with works. Then, I could talk to her. That relaxed me amazedly. I mean, she might have been busy with her other works but she never forgot to encourage me. I learned how a kind-hearted professional works.

Most of my close friends already know about J-K since I am like the ambassador of the company. I already recommended one friend and she is looking for a job through. If there is another person who is going to look for a job, I will totally introduce this firm. Please just stay kind even you get a lot of money. Koreans are sensitive about that. I don’t want your firm to be known as the other companies which they lost their humble characteristics after getting much money. I want to treat a meal someday if we have a chance to meet. Thank you so much again!

Author: J-K Network Services

ABOUT US J-K NETWORK MANPOWER SERVICES is a trusted partner for providing manpower solution to over 500 companies around the Philippines. We find MULTILINGUALS, FILIPINO and EXECUTIVES for all types of jobs. We are a licensed recruitment agency with Government accreditation. We are registered in Department of Trade and Industry with no. 01956641 and we are under the Department of Labor and Employment License number M-15-01-034. We give free assistance for your employment application. Free Career Consultation. Awarded as the best vendor in the Philippines, Be employed with today’s biggest companies in the country. Our clients are from BPO, IT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Bank and Finance, Consultancy, Casinos and other International and Global companies based in the Philippines Hiring Bilinguals Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Fukien), Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Thai, Bengali, Portuguese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Urdu, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch HIRING FILIPINO (all positions) Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Office Management, Advertising/Publishing, Human Resource/Back Office Jobs, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Hotel-Hospitality, Customer Service Industry, BPO Industry, Engineering, IT (Hardware), IT (Software), IT (Network, DataBase, System) AWARDS RECEIVED 2014 • Accenture’s Entry Level Hires (Multilingual) 2014 • Accenture’s Valued Recruitment Partner 2014 2015 • Accenture’s Top Multilingual Provider 2015 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -3rd Quarter of 2015 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -1st Quarter of 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -2nd Quarter of 2016 • Outstanding Award for Most Number of Multilingual Applicants -3rd Quarter of 2016

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